Sometimes archaeologists forget how confusing things are with no explanation, so without further ado:

Feature- a physical feature in a an archaeological site, e.g pits, walls, hearths

Context- (this one’s annoying bear with me) basically an ‘event’ so the cut of a pit is one context, and the the fill of the pit is different one.

Journal- These exist in most academic circles, not just archaeology, and are essentially volumes of peer reviewed research. They are periodically released with the most frequent being monthly, and contain research, book reviews and responses to other pieces of research they felt were biased or incomplete.

Harris Matrix- A system to put the context numbers (the series of events in the dig) in chronological order, which gives more insight into the site.

Site- An area of investigation, usually a dig but can be above ground

Buildings Archaeology- Research and recording of Historical buildings, uses technology like laser scanning or using drones to create 3D models.

Conflict Archaeology- Looking into the archaeology of conflict and war which covers battlefields, weapon production, mass graves ect.